ChiefBank Cambodia awarded Gold Tax Compliance Certificate for third consecutive year for 2024/25

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Chief (Cambodian) Commercial Bankhas been awarded the “Gold” Certificate of Tax Compliance for three consecutive periods by the General Department of Taxation in recognition of its ongoing efforts in maintaining strict tax compliance standards. The awards, which highlight the bank’s adherence to tax laws, were awarded for the periods 2020-2021, 2022-2023 and now 2024-2025.

Chief Bank Gold Tax Certificate 2021-2022.

The Gold Compliance Certificate is a testament to Chief Bank’s commitment to maintaining high standards of financial integrity and transparency. Receiving this certification for the third consecutive term is a significant achievement for the bank and underlines its role as a responsible and ethical financial institution that contributes positively to Cambodia’s economic development.

Focus on digital transformation is a key driver

ChiefBank entered the Cambodian market in 2013 and has since grown from a specialized bank to a full-service commercial bank in 2018. The bank offers a wide range of financial products and services, including a range of deposit products, personal and business loans, and e-banking solutions. The bank’s focus on digital transformation has been a key driver of its strong financial performance in recent years.

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Chief Bank Gold Tax Certificate 2022-2023.

Continuously receiving the Gold Certificate for Tax Compliance is not only an honor, but also a responsibility that motivates the bank to continuously improve its services and maintain the trust of customers and stakeholders. ChiefBank’s strategic focus on digital transformation played a pivotal role in its success. In 2022, the bank reported robust financial performance, driven by innovative e-banking solutions and a customer-centric approach. The bank’s digital initiatives have not only increased operational efficiency but also improved customer experience, making banking more accessible and convenient for customers.

Demonstration of good tax compliance

The General Department of Taxation’s Gold Tax Compliance Certificate is awarded to institutions that have demonstrated excellent tax compliance and contributed to the growth of the national economy. Chief Bank’s consistent recognition reflects the bank’s proactive efforts towards regulatory compliance and its contribution to Cambodia’s financial stability.

Chief Bank Gold Tax Certificate 2024-2025.

This latest achievement reinforces Chief Bank’s reputation and commitment to excellence in compliance and customer service. The bank’s ongoing efforts to maintain high standards of governance and transparency are essential to its mission of supporting sustainable economic growth in the region.


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