DOGE Founder Discusses Potential $5 Million Opportunity


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Billy Markus, known on X-App as Shibetoshi Nakamoto and who teamed up with IT engineer Jackson Palmer to create the iconic meme cryptocurrency DOGE in 2013, is once again using his X-handle to communicate with millions of X-users.

This time, Marcus thought about a hypothetical opportunity to make $5 million within a year. He pitched this idea to the crypto community and asked their thoughts on this potential profit. He asked in a tweet: “Would you fly a Boeing plane for 8 hours every day for a year in exchange for $5 million?”

The discussion appears to have been mainly about the flying quality of Boeing planes and anxiety attacks during flights. Shibetosi Nakamoto never revealed whether he would have agreed to that in exchange for $5 million.

Dogecoin Developer Discusses Bitcoin’s Plummet

On Monday, Shibetoshi Nakamoto shared his thoughts on the recent 13% sharp drop in Bitcoin prices. The world’s leading cryptocurrency fell by more than 13% between July 1 and July 8, dropping from the $63,750 level to the $57,260 zone.

Marcus published a meme of a sinking yacht titled “No worries,” which is a response to the meme’s question, “How’s your cryptocurrency?”

Since Monday, Bitcoin has been on a rollercoaster trajectory, first rising 6.20% to $58,150, then dropping 4.8%, and now closing up 3% again. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading in the $57,250 zone.

Marx disagrees with recent negative cryptocurrency research

Over the weekend, Billy Markus shared a screenshot of an Independent article about a recently published investigation into cryptocurrencies and who owns them.

The study claims that people who invest in crypto assets tend to have “dark traits” in their personality, which the study refers to as the “dark tetrad.” Shibetosi Nakamoto strongly disagreed, tweeting, “I disagree. Let me argue at length why I’m right.”

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