Malaysia Airlines unveils new Airbus A330Neo plane with Jalur Gemilang livery

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 — Malaysia Airlines recently unveiled an aircraft with a special livery featuring the Jalur Gemilang to celebrate Malaysian pride.

The national carrier showcased the vibrant design on their official Facebook page.



“Introducing the latest addition to our fleet, proudly showcasing our national flag,” Malaysia Airlines stated in its Facebook post.

The photos showed a wavy rendition of the flag with the blue rectangle situated near the plane’s tail, and the red-and-white stripes stretching to the underside of its fuselage and cockpit.

The Airbus plane is the first out of the 20 ordered by the company, and an upgrade of the current A330-200 and 300 it has in its fleet right now.

It can fit up to 440 passengers, but also saves fuel up to 14 per cent per passenger flown compared to the current A330-300.

The fleet programme is part of Malaysia Airlines Bhd’s Long-Term Business Plan 2.0 to position itself as a leading aviation services group within the region.

Malaysia Airlines currently has in its possession six Airbus A350-900, 24 Airbus A330s, and 42 Boeing 737-800s according to

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