Roti King offers unique bread flavors

Edwinie Einstein Unge

Kuching: Roti King has caught the attention of foodies across the city.

Roti King or Roti Bandung is a lesser known delicacy, served with actual bread instead of the usual slices that most places serve.

The man behind the Roti King business is Lisdouan Hussain, a 35-year-old office worker who brought the unique dessert to public attention in 2023.

Lisdouane Hussein, 35

Since then, his business has become more and more popular due to demand.

“My business is different from the others here. I worked hard to find the right menu to start this type of business and make sure it’s unique in many ways,” Lisdouin said.

He explained that initially, the aim was simply to be a leisure activity to pass the time after returning home from work, but due to requests from many people, they decided to take it further.

“My work finishes around 12 or 1pm and I thought it was too early to be at home doing nothing, so I started filling my time with leisure activities, like starting a business.

“But we didn’t expect it to attract so many customers and social media influencers, probably because the dish is new to Kuching, so we didn’t stop there,” Mr Risduan added.

It took about a week to perfect the Roti King.

“In the case of Roti King, bread is the main ingredient rather than other ingredients like chocolate or milk, so we researched where we could source the raw materials to make this dessert,” he added.

He explained that the bread Roti King is currently selling was specially made by one of his relatives.

“I specifically wanted a bread that wasn’t too hard or too soft and wouldn’t burn on the stove.

“We want people to enjoy the crispy texture the moment they bite into the bread. Even if they don’t eat it straight away, the bread will still be soft even after a few hours,” he said.

Lisdouin said the most important thing when cooking is to balance the flavours before putting it on the stove.

“Some customers prefer a sweeter taste, some a little lighter, and some a mix of both.

“At Roti King, we strive to cater to our customers’ taste preferences, be it milk, chocolate or more margarine in the base,” he added.

Speaking of margarine, although the margarine brand has the name “butter” on its packaging, Lisdouin explained that she uses margarine, not butter, as the base ingredient in this dish.

“I know this may confuse some people, but I use margarine instead of butter and one of the videos posted online showed a brand with ‘butter’ written on the packaging, which led some online commenters to assume I use butter as one of the ingredients, so I want to clarify that I use margarine and not butter,” she explained.

For now, he is happy running his business at Pot Bonda Mak Ajie, but is open to the idea of ​​expanding.

Roti King can be found at Pot Bonda Mak Ajie at Corner City Square in Pending Heights.


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