Russian court issues arrest warrant for opposition leader Navalnaya

A Russian court issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday for Yulia Navalnaya, an opposition politician living in exile abroad, on suspicion of ties to an “extremist organization.”

Yulia Navalnaya is the widow of Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition leader and frequent critic of the Kremlin, who died in February under unclear circumstances in a prison camp north of the Arctic Circle.

According to Russia’s Interfax news agency, a Moscow court spokesman said the court had granted the prosecutor’s request for pre-trial detention.

The pre-trial detention, which will initially last for two months, will take effect after Navalny’s extradition to Russia, where he is a wanted politician, a spokesman said.

Ms Navalnaya blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for her husband’s death and vowed to continue Mr Navalny’s fight for democracy in Russia.

Navalny had been sentenced to years in prison by a Russian court on charges of extremism and other crimes.

Navalnaya herself is living abroad due to the dangers she faces within Russia, and has not yet given any indication as to when she plans to return to Russia.

But those the Kremlin considers hostile are not necessarily safe abroad, with Russian opposition figures living in exile regularly falling victim to attacks.


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