“Shiba Inu Is Still a Puppy,” Says Shytoshi Kusama

Hidetoshi Kusama, the anonymous lead developer of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, likened SHIB to a puppy, suggesting the token still has room to grow.

The Shiba Inu leader revealed this while recounting his experience in Kyoto, Japan.

Yayoi Kusama’s encounter with a geisha

Kusama said she encountered a maiko (apprentice geisha) during a recent trip to Kyoto, and the Shiba Inu’s leader struck up a conversation with the geisha after her spectacular performance.

During our conversation, the maiko revealed that being a geisha apprentice is a multi-year journey that requires patience, discipline and mastery. The maiko revealed that she has only been learning the art for a year and that she still has many more years to go before she becomes a geisha.

Kusama said that even though their apprenticeship journey has only just begun, maiko have already achieved celebrity status.

SHIB is still a puppy

The Shiba Inu leader said his meeting with Maiko made him reflect on SHIB’s journey and success, likening the token to a puppy, an analogy that shows Shiba Inu is still in its early stages but poised to achieve significant milestones in the future.

He suggested that Shiba Inu has already achieved great success and is ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrency contenders. Nevertheless, the “token-turned-ecosystem” Shiba Inu has yet to realize its full potential.

Furthermore, the lead developer attributes Shiba Inu’s success to its decentralized nature, adding that the token has been able to achieve significant growth despite spending very little money on marketing.

Shiba Inu Global Tour

However, Kusama argued that people still struggle to understand the history and ethos of the token, and as a result, he announced plans to embark on a global tour with the Shiba Inu Ecosystem team to interact with high-profile names including dealmakers, celebrities, industry leaders and companies looking to transition from Web2 to Web3.

“We have already made a lot of progress in this direction over the past year, as well as progress on a robust Shib-themed technology stack, which we believe will serve as proof to the ShibArmy and the world that we are here to stay.” That’s what the Shiba Inu’s lead developer said.

The tour, which kicked off in Kyoto last week, will see the team visit three other countries, including India, Canada and Thailand.

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