TON Gonna Explode with Polygon

The open network blockchain partnering with Telegram plans to start a revolution by introducing its own Layer 2 network powered by Polygon technology. The move was announced at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Brussels. The move aims to extend TON’s functionality through the TON Application Chain (TAC).

TON and Polygon integration

According to TAC founder Pavel Artukhov, the decision to leverage Polygon’s ecosystem stems from its compatibility with the EVM, seamless liquidity access via AggLayer, and strong community support. This strategic integration will enable the deployment of EVM-based decentralized applications (dApps) within the TON ecosystem, increasing liquidity and spurring DeFi adoption.

The benefits of an open network

TON Coin investors can expect several benefits from this collaboration.

  • Enhanced Liquidity Access: TAC will facilitate easier access to liquidity within the TON ecosystem, expanding trading and investment opportunities.
  • Accelerating DeFi Adoption: The integration of TAC will accelerate the adoption of DeFi applications on TON by leveraging Polygon’s proven technology stack.
  • Innovative Applications: Beyond DeFi, TAC paves the way for diverse applications such as gaming and decentralized identity solutions, expanding the utility of open network blockchains.

Impact on the industry and future outlook

The introduction of TAC marks a significant milestone in the evolution of TON, positioning it as a competitive player in the blockchain industry. With a focus on interoperability and scalability, TAC aims to address blockchain fragmentation and reach a wider user base, a goal shared by many other blockchains.


TAC is committed to enriching the ecosystem with enhanced functionality and usability by leveraging Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) and AggLayer. This strategic move aims to increase liquidity, accelerate DeFi adoption, and open the door to innovative applications. These efforts will strengthen TON’s position as a multi-purpose blockchain platform.

This initiative highlights TON’s commitment to innovation and community-driven growth, setting a precedent for future developments in the blockchain space.


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