Malaysians unite to move double-parked Myvi at apartment

DOUBLE-parking. Many Malaysians are guilty of this especially in high-density areas.

Unfortunately it causes a lot of grief and trouble to the driver whom you’ve blocked with car. So people who double-park are often advised to leave their mobile numbers.

Another way is to shift your gear to neutral and release the handbrake to make it easy for people to push your car.

But if all fails, you would probably get your car ‘moved’ by a group of annoyed people, just like the story below.

User @lutfiretnbp took to his TikTok to share a video of several men helping to move a silver Myvi that was double-parked at an apartment in Cameron Highlands.

In the 59-second video, the group of men could be seen attempting to move the vehicle while cheers and claps could be heard.

In the comment section, the user shared that the driver who was blocked by the Myvi driver had honed for a very long time, but the owner was nowhere to be seen.

“He was honking for such a long time, only those present would have known how long he honed,” said the user.

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Interestingly, the owner of the Myvi had actually left his mobile number at his vehicle but did not pick up despite being called numerous times.

@lutfiretnbp added that the owner of the black Myvi finally emerged but only after the car had push to the side and receiving a lecturing from the frustrated people at the scene.

“The car owner should be grateful, people didn’t do anything bad to his car, they just moved it a bit,” he said.

In a second video posted on @lutfiretnbp’s account, the silver Myvi could be seen driving off, clearly in a rush as his side mirrors were still closed.

Many TikTok users took to comment section to vent their frustrations about the selfish driver.

“What a selfish owner, causing trouble to others,” commented a TikTok user.

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