Malaysia’s CelcomDigi opens AI Experience Centre

Malaysia-based telecommunications company Celcom Digital on Tuesday launched the CelcomDigi AI Experience Centre (AiX), a one-stop immersive innovation and collaboration hub to lead, inspire and drive the creation of world-class digital solutions across various sectors and industries.

Supported by a broad ecosystem of leading global technology companies and local partners, AiX will be a hub for cross-industry collaboration, leveraging emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR), robotics, analytics and the metaverse, Celcomdigi said in a statement.

Notably, CelcomDigi has invested 55 million ringgit ($11.69 million) in support of this ambition, alongside prominent global technology companies and local partners.

According to a statement, the joint facility is designed to foster rapid technological advancements and the growth of new digital start-ups, enterprises and future skills, building a vibrant innovation ecosystem and driving Malaysia’s digital transformation.

AiX delivers immersive experiences that combine sight, sound and touch, with real-world solutions that can be deployed immediately.

Built on a model of constant evolution and partnership, the technologies and showcases will be regularly updated to bring new experiences to visitors and are intended to be a hub of co-creation enabling rapid experimentation and development of new technology solutions for the market.

“Emerging technologies such as AI are revolutionising the world and Malaysia must keep up with this advancement to build a thriving digital nation,” said Celcomdiji CEO Idham Nawawi.

According to him, over a year and a half ago, the company made a strong commitment to play a pivotal role in realising this ambition, leveraging its greater combined capabilities as a combined entity to invest in and drive digitalisation, innovation and sustainable growth in the country.

He noted that AiX is a realisation of national gain through the merger, noting that CelcomDigi’s scale and capabilities will enable it to attract and partner with global and regional digital technology giants to accelerate the development of cutting-edge digital solutions and become a strong ally in the nation’s digital aspirations.

“AiX highlights the importance of a vibrant innovation ecosystem to building a strong digital society.

“In an era of digitalisation and fast-paced everything, the speed and intensity of innovation is essential,” he said.

He said the company has therefore designed AiX based on a model of strong partnerships and continuous evolution to enable the accelerated co-creation of use cases with great potential for Malaysia.

“We have partnered with some of the most prominent global technology companies and local ecosystem businesses to invest 55 million ringgit ($11.69 million) to support this ambition,” he said.

He said the company will continue to invest in the infrastructure, partnerships and capabilities needed to help Malaysia adapt to the rapid technological changes surrounding it.

“We are determined to drive digital transformation across industries and ensure that the benefits of 5G, AI and emerging technologies accrue to all Malaysians,” he added.

Located at the CelcomDigi Hub in Hi-Tech Park, Subang Jaya, AiX has two main inspiring spaces called The Infinity and The Gallery.

Infinity is a space designed to use cutting-edge audio-visual technology to provide visitors with an immersive, interactive experience of a digital social simulation.

The gallery space will feature physical displays of real-world industrial use cases to demonstrate the transformative potential of emerging technologies that are key to business growth.

Each of these simulations showcases different technologies and robotics powered by 5G and AI across eight vertical sectors: manufacturing, logistics, energy, vehicles, ports, healthcare, education and agritech.

Of the 45 solutions showcased across eight industry verticals, 13 are real-world use cases being piloted by businesses in Malaysia.

AiX is also home to AI-RA, the resident co-host for the center’s immersive tours and its first AI digital human.

While AI-RA interacts with visitors and explains the various use cases on display, it will be accompanied by a family of autonomous robots performing a range of tasks including surrounding surveillance, goods delivery, entertainment and personal assistance, demonstrating the power of combining AI and robotics to improve the convenience of how we work, live and play.

AiX will also feature a collaboration space that will serve as a state-of-the-art live lab environment for interested parties – from startups to large enterprises, academic institutions to government agencies – to co-create, test and validate new solutions combining 5G with other emerging technologies.

Based on a partnership model, AiX is supported by a strong, extensive and growing ecosystem of 40 global technology leaders, local partners and solution providers, including core partners Huawei and ZTE, as well as other collaborative partners AWS, Digital Nasional Berhad, Ericsson, Microsoft, SK Telecom, SoftBank, Sumitomo and Yinson.

CelcomDigi is Malaysia’s largest mobile network operator with over 20.6 million users on its network.

The company was formed on December 1, 2022 through the merger of Celcom and Digi.

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