More Samourai Devices Seized: Bitcoin Privacy Activist Appears In Court Ahead of Bail Release

The US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) first open court hearing took place today. Lawsuit against Samourai Wallet developers William Lonergan Hill and Keon Rodriguez have not attended court since May 28, 2024, when Rodriguez appeared for his first hearing in the case.

Hill appeared in court after being extradited without contest from Lisbon, Portugal, where he currently resides.

The prosecution did most of the talking at the hearing.

The following information was shared:

  • Hill had been indicted the previous day, on July 9, 2024.
  • 27 electronic devices were seized from Hill in Portugal.
  • The FBI will extract information about these devices, investigate them, and then present the evidence to Hill.
  • They have already served discovery on Rodriguez, Hill’s former partner at Samurai and a co-defendant in the case.
  • Hill is expected to be released on bail, but no word on the amount of bail has been given.

At the hearing, the main argument made by the defense, consisting of attorneys Roger Burlingame and Jeffrey Brown, was that Hill had waived his right to extradition before being charged with the extradition offense.

Hills Bail Important Conditions

The first and most important condition of Hill’s bail is that he be allowed to live in Lisbon, Portugal, while his trial proceeds, which Burlingame requested. letter He was due to appear in court on July 3, 2024. Hill will have to return to New York when his mandatory court appearance is made.

The second key provision of Hill’s bail is that he will be required to wear an ankle bracelet while out on bail and living in Portugal. Prosecutors have noted that the FBI plans to monitor the ankle bracelet during discussions between the prosecution and defense after the formal hearing is completed.

Next Hearing

The case has been adjourned from September 4, 2024 and is scheduled to be heard on September 10, 2024 at 12:00 PM ET.

Prosecutors said they plan to present evidence before the next hearing.


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