Ripple (XRP) Sees Recovery Amid Predictions Of 255% Price Surge

Ripple (XRP) has recently experienced significant losses, with its price plummeting 25% between April 1 and June 30. This downward trend continued into July, with a further drop of 11.59% in just one week. However, this week, XRP has started to recover and is currently trading at $0.4415, with a market cap of $24.59 billion, securing the 7th place in the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the recent decline, some market experts are predicting a potential recovery for XRP. Prominent analyst Crypto Bitlord recently expressed optimism on social media, hinting at big developments for XRP. Bitlord’s post has raised hopes among investors and market watchers, suggesting that “big things are about to happen for XRP.”

Another prominent analyst, Javon, offered a positive outlook. Suggest Ripple may be on the brink of a major upswing. Javon’s analysis of the XRP/BTC trading pair suggests a possible trend reversal in XRP’s favor. According to Javon, XRP has broken out of a long-term downtrend, which is often an important technical signal that precedes a market reversal.

Ripple price rise prediction

Javon highlights that XRP’s breakout is accompanied by a bullish divergence, where the price of XRP makes lower lows while the Relative Strength Index (RSI) makes higher lows. This divergence indicates that downward momentum has weakened and a bullish trend has begun. Javon predicts that this setup could see XRP outperform Bitcoin by over 255%, and in the long term, the price could rise above $1.50 and potentially even to $4 or $10.

Meanwhile, large XRP holders, known as whales, have continued to buy up despite the market difficulties. These whales, especially those holding between 100-500 million XRP, have significantly increased their holdings. As of May 16, these addresses collectively hold 11.376 billion XRP. The latest data shows that they now hold 11.579 billion XRP, an increase of about 203 million XRP in six weeks.

Additionally, wallets holding between 1 and 20 million XRP increased their holdings by an additional 347 million XRP during this period. In total, investors holding between 10 and 500 million XRP have acquired a total of 550 million Ripples since May 16th.

This increase in whale activity coincides with a small address selling 8 million XRP, a trend that has led to widespread speculation that institutions are replacing retail investors. While this trend is speculative, it highlights growing confidence in the market among larger investors, which could strengthen bullish sentiment towards XRP.

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