Could Hit $250 by 2028
  • Professional trader The Great Matsby predicts that XRP could surge by around 60,000% by 2028.
  • Great Matsby utilizes Gunn Theory and Bollinger Bands in his bullish XRP analysis.

Technical analysis shows that the price of XRP is once again on a positive trend, this time a prediction made by professional trader and chartist, The Great Mattsby. 2 related tweetsMatsby believes that technically, the price of XRP could rise by nearly 60,000%, reaching $250 per coin by 2028.

XRP Price Prediction: Technical and Non-Technical Insights

Unlike other traders who use indicators such as the RSI or MACD, Mattsby bases his analysis on mathematical calculations and Gunn Theory.

He noted that this possibility is consistent with his calculations of certain green angles, which have traditionally been important support and resistance angles. This historical correlation, shown in his analysis, proves that such a surge is not irrational.

Mattsby also used the Bollinger Bands indicator to spot a similar pattern on the one-month chart that emerged just prior to XRP’s previous price rally.

Despite these encouraging technical indicators, the monthly chart shows lower highs, so it may continue to stabilize. XRP PriceThis suggests that non-technical considerations such as the outcome of the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit and real-world adoption also need to be taken into account.

We previously reported on Web3 Enabler. XRP Payments Integrate into the Salesforce Platform Through open source apps. In addition, CNF Ripple may win again After the Inspector General found a conflict of interest with the other side in the case.

On the other hand, XRP $0.4456, Up 1.92% Trading volume in the past 24 hours is $894.46 million. This upward momentum, backed by technical insights and ongoing events, shows that XRP remains a focal point in the cryptocurrency market.

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