DFDL Cambodia: Extension of deadline for companies and non-profit organizations to submit audited annual financial statements for 2023 to ACAR

Michelle Cielo and Vattanakphagna Chhun

09Number In July 2024, ACAR issued a notice extending by one month the deadline for filing annual audited financial statements for financial year 2023 through ACAR (electronic filing system) up to July 20, 2024, as follows:

  1. Businesses and nonprofits must submit their audited annual financial statements for fiscal year 2023 to ACAR by the 20th.Number August 2024. Businesses and non-profit organizations with non-31 day fiscal year endsst By December, audited annual financial statements for fiscal year 2023 must be submitted to ACAR within seven months and 20 days after the end of the fiscal year.
  2. Businesses and nonprofit organizations can submit letters to ACAR requesting an extension of the deadline by the 30th.Number Pursuant to Prakas No. 001 dated July 12, 2024, by paying a public service fee of KHR 200,000;Number January 2022

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If you have any questions regarding ACAR filing requirements or obligations, please contact Michelle Cielo, Accounting Director, atmichelle.ciello@dfdl.comVattanakpagna Chhun, Senior Accounting Manager atcontact address).

Bookkeeping services, which are required to be performed by licensed companies in Cambodia, are provided by Mekong Accounting Services Co. Ltd, a member of the DFDL. The Group is a corporate member of the Cambodian Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Auditors and is licensed by the Cambodian Accounting and Audit Regulatory Authority.


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