Education Ministry: Bumiputera enrolment in SJKC nearly doubled over 10 years, two-thirds of international school students are Malaysians

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 — Chinese national-type primary schools (SJKC) have experienced a notable increase in Bumiputera student enrolment, nearly doubling from 11.67 per cent in 2014 to 18.52 per cent this year, according to the Education Ministry (MoE).

In a written response on the Parliament website, the ministry reported that the enrolment of non-Bumiputera students at SJKC decreased from 88.33 per cent to 81.48 per cent over the same period.



A similar trend was observed in national schools (SK), where non-Bumiputera student enrolment decreased from 6.19 per cent in 2014 to 4.88 per cent in 2024, while Bumiputera student enrolment increased from 93.81 per cent to 95.12 per cent during the same period.

“For Tamil national-type primary schools, there has been an increase in the enrolment of Bumiputera students from 0.38 per cent in 2014 to 0.49 per cent this year and non-Bumiputera pupils constitute approximately 99 per cent of the enrolment at SJKTs during the same period, said the ministry.

Regarding international schools, as of May 31 this year, there were a total of 88,951 students enrolled, with 67.1 per cent being citizens and 32.9 per cent non-citizens. Among citizen students, 19.9 per cent were Bumiputera and 80.1 per cent were non-Bumiputera.

The MoE also highlighted that from 2019 to 2024, there was a 34 per cent increase in citizen student enrollment in international schools. During the same period, Bumiputera student enrollment increased by 49.4 per cent, while non-Bumiputera enrollment increased by 30.6 per cent.

These statistics were provided in response to a query from Chow Yu Hui (PH-Raub) seeking information on student demographics across various school types. — Bernama

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