Malaysians Mourn Popular Putu Mayam Trader In Kepong Who Died In A Road Accident

“We will always remember your kindness,” wrote a netizen, attaching a photo of the trader.

“Why did it happen so suddenly? I want to tear up. He was hardworking. He ran his stall from morning until night. I met him once at Aman Puri and he bought me curry puff,” lamented another person.

“It’s such a pity. He was a hardworking Indian uncle who never held grudges. And he has now gone to paradise. Many people can’t conveniently buy affordable putu mayam after this. Namo Amitabha. May he rest in peace,” one Facebook user wrote.

“He operated [his stall] for 15 years and was my friend. He used to treat me to putu mayam in the past,” a person added.

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