Ripple and Coinbase Shine in CNBC’s Top Fintech List 2024
  • According to CNBC, the top fintech companies for 2024 are Ripple and Coinbase.
  • Ripple’s new “Try It” feature simplifies simulating API requests without requiring login.

CNBC’s latest list Top Fintech Companies in the World in 2024Developed in partnership with Statista, the platform includes key cryptocurrency players such as Ripple and Coinbase.

Ripple in particular I expressed my gratitude. “We’re honored to be recognized by CNBC and Statista as a top Fintech company in the world. Thank you to our employees, customers, and supporters who have been with us on this journey!” the company tweeted.

Ripple’s growing influence and integration in fintech and banking

This honor Ripple The addition of Ripple, a major influencer in the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors, to Coinbase signals the growing importance and integration of digital assets in the banking system.

The list features 250 companies across a range of industries, including alternative finance, neobanking, banking solutions, business process solutions, financial planning, digital assets, payments and wealth technology.

To compile this prestigious ranking, Statista analysts conducted an in-depth study of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of nearly 2,000 eligible organizations between March and May 2024.

This rigorous selection procedure ensured that only the most innovative and significant organizations were recognized, highlighting their contributions to the advancement of financial technology.

‘Try It’ feature and PostFinance integration showcase innovation and adoption

Previously, CNF was recently Highlighting Ripple’s new “Try It” feature allows developers to send simulated API queries without logging in.

This feature allows users to submit API queries without having to log in, receive an authentication token, or send real money, simplifying the process and making it highly accessible. This initiative demonstrates Ripple’s commitment to improving user experience and fostering innovation in the fintech industry.

Additionally, Ripple has achieved a new milestone. Integrating XRP into your trading platform and PostFinance, a Swiss government-owned bank. This integration signals the growing acceptance and usage of XRP among traditional financial institutions, strengthening XRP’s position in the global financial ecosystem.

At the time of writing, XRP is worth approximately $0.451Up 2.19% Over the past 24 hours, this robust performance demonstrates the market’s confidence in XRP, backed by Ripple’s ongoing innovation and key collaborations.

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