The condition of the land needs to be checked

Bintulu: Residents, especially those living in longhouses, should first check the status of the land with the relevant agencies before constructing new longhouses on the identified land.

Minister of Food Industry, Commodities and Regional Development, Dr Steven Lundi Utom, stressed that this step was necessary to ensure that the land was not government reserve land, plantation land or provisional lease land.

“Before building a house, check the status of the land. The land should not be under provisional lease (PL), tree plantation etc. If it is under PL, then you can negotiate.

“If the land is Native Customary Rights (NCR) land and has an owner, let the Land Surveyorate determine the status of the land. Negotiations are possible but there should be a written agreement to avoid disputes,” he said.

He made these remarks at the grant presentation ceremony for the Kemena constituency Rural Transformation Project (MRP) and Sarawak Low-Income Housing Improvement Project (PPRMS) at the Agriculture Ministry conference room on Thursday.

Furthermore, Dr Lundi, who is also the Kemena Member of Parliament, advised the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) not to rely solely on government subsidies for development projects.

Instead, he encouraged them to become self-reliant and find alternative means to meet the costs of developing tenements and villages.

During the ceremony, Dr Lundi awarded MRP grants to 26 recipients including JKKK, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), clubs and associations.

He also presented PPRMS grants totalling RM1,008,100 to 10 longhouses in Kemena constituency.


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