EGAN plans to launch a fashion label inspired by forklifts in Malaysia. News articles from Forkliftaction News

Design competition winner Estelle Ho Jinglong (center) with EGAN’s Stefan Fung and Nicholas Gan

Malaysia’s Egan Equipment & Parts Sdn Bhd is looking to diversify its forklift business into the fashion sector.

EGAN’s fashion label CULT is the brainchild of director and co-founder Nicholas Gunn, who wants to change the way people view forklifts, according to a newspaper report. malay mail.

Gan approached various universities to take on the challenge of manufacturing fashionable accessories from forklift parts and found a partner at Saito University Junior College.

Twenty students were selected to participate in the EGAN/CULT Fashion Design Accessories Competition 2019, and the winning designs were featured in the company’s first unisex fashion line.

The competition was won by Ester Haw Jing Rong, who designed a piece featuring a hexagonal nut.

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