Polygon Launches Miden Alpha Testnet, What It Means For MATIC

Polygon, an Ethereum-based Layer 2 scaling solution, has released Miden Alpha Testnet to further accelerate its evolutionary journey. Polygon described Miden Alpha Testnet as a zk self-sovereign platform with special considerations for pioneering developers.

Important Highlights of Polygon Miden

Polygon is a construction-focused protocol. The newly launched testnet allows users to generate proofs of state transitions locally, the protocol states. Doing this prevents developers from exposing their state to the entire network, as was previously the case.

Polygon said Miden will strengthen its commitment to privacy for developers. This allows, according to the protocol, A self-sovereign, high-throughput application. ”

As part of a broader vision, Polygon Miden nurses can now build things that are “unachievable with EVM chains.” Polygon is inviting developers to test several key features through the zk-powered rollup architecture that powers Miden.

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Features that developers can experiment with include private notes and public notes. Additionally, you can experiment with private and public accounts to run simple smart contracts. These smart contracts include minting new tokens, sending and receiving assets, and building faucets.

Polygon currently has a number of attractive solutions that are helping it maintain its L2 advantage. The Polygon CDK technology stack has helped many companies looking to build their own independent chains. One of the companies benefiting from these advanced Polygon technologies is top-four accounting giant Ernst & Young (EY).

According to previous reports, EY has adopted Polygon PoS for its contract management system. Other mainstream companies such as Flipkart, Prada, and Adidas are also experimenting with his Polygon protocol.

Contents of MATIC

It is worth noting that at the time of writing, Polygon’s native token, MATIC, is down 1.92% in 24 hours. $0.7188. The general expectation is that MATIC will ride on these parallel innovations to soar over the long term.

Community members have already criticized the protocol for a number of protocols that have little economic value. In addition to Miden, Ethereum L2 also has zkEVM, CDK, and POS that can be empowered depending on the developer’s goals.

The question of whether there is a need for Midden remains for developers to answer, but a long-term token reboot is a gamble that members of the community are willing to make.

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