Prime Minister: Foreign media report fuel subsidy cuts as unethical

butterworth: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said foreign media reports on fuel subsidy cuts were unethical and that no final decision had been taken at the cabinet level on the issue.

“I have recently noticed that, perhaps due to our firm political stance, local and international media continue to attack us in terms of negative news, such as the casino development issue (in Johor). …It was never discussed and never reached my information, but it’s a hot issue.

“Next, regarding the issue of removing diesel subsidies, although there was initial discussion, there was no final decision on the implementation date. We need to explain how to do it. The principle is not to burden the public. That’s true,” he told reporters after attending a prime minister’s meeting with regional leaders at the Wright Hotel here today.

He criticized foreign media reports for citing information from unreliable sources.

“We accept the principle of freedom (of the media), but there is an ethics based on facts. Quoted information must be from reliable sources. “It’s a matter of policy that requires it,” he added.

Foreign newspapers yesterday reported that Malaysia plans to cut fuel subsidies as part of economic reform measures.

The report cited industry and government officials who claimed that diesel prices would fluctuate in line with market prices in the weeks following the May 11 Kuala Kubu Bahar by-election.

He also claimed that the measure would also lead to a gradual increase in the retail price of gasoline. – Bernama

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