Malaysian acid attack soccer player’s condition is ‘serious but stable’

Malaysian soccer player Faisal Halim suffers fourth-degree burns after being doused with acid during shopping mall attack (Karim Jaafar)

The Malaysian national soccer player who was the victim of an acid attack is in a “serious but stable” condition on Tuesday with fourth-degree burns and will require further surgery, a soccer source told AFP.

Faisal Halim suffered burns to his neck, shoulders, hands and chest in the Petaling Jaya area on the outskirts of the capital Kuala Lumpur over the weekend.

The 26-year-old, nicknamed ‘Mickey’, plays as a right winger for Selangor Football Club and Malaysia.

“He is in hospital. Faisal’s condition is slightly critical but stable,” Selangor Football Association vice-president Shahril Mokhtar told AFP in a text message.

He said Faisal was initially diagnosed with second-degree burns, but “after he was transferred to another hospital, a plastic surgeon classified his injuries as fourth-degree burns.” Ta.

Sharil said Faisal would undergo another surgery, adding that his movement and speech were affected.

“I am shocked and disappointed that such an incident occurred in Malaysia. I am also concerned for the mental health of the other players as the new season begins on Friday,” he said.

Selangor Football Club CEO Yohan Kamal Hamidon said security had been stepped up for the club’s players, officials and staff, but did not provide details.

Selangor police chief Hussein Omar Khan told reporters that investigations into the motive for the attack were continuing and two suspects had been arrested.

Photos circulating online showed a shirtless Faisal sitting on a bench with burn marks on his upper body, clearly in shock.

The acid attack came three days after fellow national team player Akhyar Rashid was injured in a robbery outside his home in the eastern state of Terengganu.

Kuala Terengganu police chief Azri Mohamad Noor said the incidents were unrelated.

Malaysian Football Association president Hamidin Mohamad Amin called on prominent soccer players to take precautions for their own safety, including hiring bodyguards.

“If you’re a big player, you can think about what overseas footballers do: hire a bodyguard,” he said, according to The Star.


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