An epic M story of folklore, mythology and time travel
Author Farah Liana wrote the novel while undergoing treatment for lymphoma. (Muhammad Rabbani Jamian @ FMT Lifestyle)

PETALING JAYA: In January 2022, freelance artist Farah Liyana received the sad news that she had been diagnosed with lymphoma.

While hospitalized for treatment, she decided not to give in to despair. Farah, who graduated in English literature from the International Islamic University of Malaysia, decided to start her writing instead.

“I finished about six manuscripts in the hospital. I was being mean about my condition. Instead of being depressed, I got angry about it and channeled that anger into my work,” she said. Ta.

“If it weren’t for cancer, I wouldn’t have been so driven to finish this book. It reminded me that life is short,” the 26-year-old told FMT Lifestyle.

The result is Be Kind, Rewind: of Prophecies, Pusaka and Patricians, a fascinating science fiction story written and illustrated by Farah and published by her company, Mythology Resources.

The story is set in Bulan, a futuristic Nusantara-flavored realm with major regions named after Malaysian fruits, including urban Kuala Durian and far-flung Darul Cempedak. The community is mired in conflict due to the presence of the Anak Permata, a mysterious superior race.

Farah, a freelance artist, also illustrated her book. (Muhammad Rabbani Jamian @ FMT Lifestyle)

The main character, Tuan Sulaiman Seroja, is the sister of Kuala Durian’s Minister of Justice and a descendant of Si Tangan, a stone boat that appears in Malaysian folklore, but the fate of Anak Permata and, by extension, her fate. Discover a magical heirloom that allows you to change your life.

It is told in an epic tale of time travel, prophecy, and redemption inspired by Malaysian history and folklore. His sci-fi stalwarts like cyborgs and androids meet bionic oxcarts and Oranbanians to create a truly unique story of fantasy and adventure.

The novel is based on classic Malaysian stories such as Si Tangan, but with a twist. “When we tell that story, most of the time it’s about his disobedience. But my story is about the fear of disobeying authority,” he says, who has previously written short stories and articles under a pseudonym. said Farah, who has published .

“Be Kind, Rewind” has been told in a variety of formats, including newspaper reports, article excerpts, and even poetry, and Farrar says the poem was not only inspired by John Milton; , it also incorporates elements of Sha’ir and Pantun.

“I feel that Malaysian readers are not challenged enough in our books. A lot of our publications usually present a very simple format, but I wanted to break that format. I wanted to,” she said.

The cover of “Be Kind, Rewind” features a mouse symbolizing the main character, Tuan Sulaiman Seloha. (Muhammad Rabbani Jamian @ FMT Lifestyle)

According to her, the most fun part of writing the book was creating the characters, especially Tuan Sulaiman Seloja, whom she describes as a “reluctant antihero.”

‘Be Kind, Rewind’ is the first in a trilogy, with the second part ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’ to be released next year, followed by ‘Tell The Devil I’m Waiting’.

“There will be more Malaysian folklore innovation, cultural exploration and plot twists,” Farah teased.

Ultimately, the young author hopes more Malaysians will read and write science fiction, a genre that “reflects both the past and future of the community.”

“I hope that people who read my novels will be proud of their culture. Science fiction tends to have mostly Western elements. You don’t see a lot of Southeast Asian concepts. I I think it’s our time to shine,” she concluded.

Get your copy of “Be Kind, Rewind” herecheck out Mythology Resources. Instagram.

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