Toyota GR family in Malaysia – GR Corolla, GR86, Supra

Not everyone can claim to be the enthusiast driver’s champion, but Toyota is certainly among them. The image of a beige Camry is completely in our past, Toyotas are (mostly) fun and cool to drive, and even the Prius has been touched by Akio Toyoda’s hands. But the former CEO’s greatest achievement is undoubtedly the success of his Toyota Gazoo Racing banner.

Once an underachiever in endurance racing (anyone remember Le Mans in 2016?), this car is now a multiple champion and Le Mans winner, and its success has translated into a World Rally Championship. He went on to win five drivers’ titles on the bounce.

Commercializing all of its racing pedigree wasn’t a slow process, and the GR road car line-up now includes four models, including a rally-bred hot hatch and a purpose-built sports car. The new GR Corolla joins his two powerful siblings, the GR Supra and his GR86, but unfortunately his GR Yaris couldn’t make it to the family reunion.

But that’s not a problem, as the GR Corolla takes everything that’s good about a small three-door. Except here, that heartbeat is dialed up to 11. The 1.6-liter G16E-GTS turbocharged three-cylinder engine has been strengthened and has a freer-breathing exhaust, so it now produces 300 PS and 370 Nm of torque.

Additionally, the GR-Four all-wheel drive system shared with the GR Yaris can be set to 40:60, 50:50, or 30:70 front/rear torque split with the twist of a dial. center console. The Malaysian is lucky enough to have the Circuit His edition equipped as standard, which adds Torsen front and rear limited slip differentials and a bulging bonnet with functional air vents.

This means the GR Corolla has little in common with your uncle’s Corolla sedan. Of course, it uses the same Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), but it is based on the five-door Corolla hatch, which is not available in Malaysia. Toyota added more welds, structural adhesives, and braces to make the GR version ultra-rigid. We also replaced the electronic parking brake with a mechanical handbrake. The car can also detach the rear axle, allowing it to pull amazing rally-style slides.

The GR86 may have been launched at the same time as the GR Corolla, but its lineage stretches back to the original 86 in 2012 (even further back if you include the AE86 Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno). initial D fame). Like its predecessor, the GR86 was developed by Subaru in parallel with his BRZ and is a back-to-basics sports coupe with engine in the front, drive in the rear, and four seats in the middle.

While the basic formula remains the same, both companies have worked to improve the anemic 2.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-four, expanding to 2.4-liters in FA24D form and producing a healthy 237 PS (29 PS more) and 250 PS. To do. Nm (38Nm up). The bodyshell has also been strengthened and made lighter using high-strength steel and aluminum body panels for more engaging steering.

The GR Supra has the least changes here, being essentially the same as the car unveiled in 2019. Therefore, it is already known that it will be built by his BMW based on his current Z4 and will be powered by Munich’s venerable 3.0-liter B58 in-line turbo. The six produce 387 PS and 500 Nm. But this steep two-seater has recently been refreshed with some eye-catching upgrades.

First, the adaptive suspension has been retuned for a more comfortable ride, while the electric power steering and anti-roll bar bushings have been tuned for more feedback from the rim. But of course, the biggest difference is the addition of a six-speed manual gearbox for the first time, with Toyota (and BMW) finally giving in to the legion of enthusiasts who want a transmission that rows itself.

Unfortunately, this Supra doesn’t have that. It still has the (obviously great) ZF 8-speed automatic. Even more sinister, his GR86 is also a car, this time an Aisin Anodyne 6-speed box. The GR Corolla only comes with a 6-speed manual, so there are no such issues. Either that or walk.

Malaysia’s Toyota Gazoo Racing family – GR Corolla meets sports car brothers GR86 and GR Supra

Only the GR Corolla has a true manual shift.

Despite being five years old, the Supra still looks fresh, if less intentional than the other two, with its flashy curves and numerous fake air vents. In contrast, the GR86’s design, with a more aggressive front end, strong rear haunches and a sleek bootlid spoiler, is pure business-like despite being considerably strengthened and modernized compared to its predecessor. It’s a sports car.

The GR Corolla, on the other hand, has gaping air inlets, angular fender flares, a forged carbon fiber roof (unencumbered here by a silly faux carbon wrap, unlike the GR Yaris), and a distinctive triple. It’s pure rally car theater with a huge rear diffuser. Exhaust. His one design cue that ties all three cars together are the dark gray multi-spoke alloy wheels, which measure 19 inches in diameter on the Supra and 18 inches on the GR Corolla and GR86.

Malaysia’s Toyota Gazoo Racing family – GR Corolla meets sports car brothers GR86 and GR Supra

Supra’s new forged alloys are works of art

Under the hood, these three couldn’t be more different. Combining his BMW parts from at least two generations ago, the Supra doesn’t look or feel the most special inside, despite probably having the best quality of all the parts. The GR86 continues its serious interior aesthetics, highlighted by bold red trim, some familiar Subaru switchgear, and a brand new 7-inch digital instrument cluster that mimics the shape of a distinctive boxer engine doing.

The GR version is based on the Corolla, so it’s unmistakably Toyota inside. The dashboard will be familiar to anyone who has driven a Corolla sedan or Corolla Cross, but the hot hatch has some unique features worth noting, including the drive mode selector and the knob that selects his GR-Four torque split. It has several features. Of course, you can’t miss the thick bucket seats, manual shifter, three pedals, and that big…handbrake lever between the seats (don’t laugh).

Clockwise from left: GR Corolla, GR86, GR Supra

With five doors and five seats, the GR Corolla is the most practical car here, even though its 213-litre boot isn’t the most spacious. GR86 is a four-seater, but the rear seats are small and the trunk is severely compromised, as there is a spare tire literally in the middle. The GR Supra is strictly a two-seater, but without a spare tire (typical of BMW), boot space is reasonable at 290 liters.

As expected, none of these cars are cheap, but prices have gradually increased over the years and are now RM295,000.Next is GR Corolla RM355,000The GR Supra, on the other hand, is quite expensive and costs a lot of money. RM645,000. All prices are for the manual version (obviously), so which one will you buy? Please mute your comments after the jump.

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