Epic rally of 211 badminton shots delights fans in doubles match in Malaysia | Badminton

Teena Muralitharan throws her racket in the air to increase her recovery time, while Pearly Tan just crawls on all fours to catch her breath after the women’s doubles duo survive a 211-shot rally at the Malaysia Masters Badminton Tournament on Thursday. I was just trying to fix it.

The Malaysian pair, ranked 11th in the world, were leading Japan’s Rena Miyaura and Ayako Sakuramoto in the final set of their last-16 match when the rally began. More than three minutes later, after showcasing her incredible athleticism and patience, Tan hit a well-featured drop shot that fell short of Sakuramoto, sealing the point and bringing the incredulous crowd to its feet. Ta. Home Hope then won 21-17, 18-21, 21-19.

“Winning the rally felt like winning the game. I also survived the rally, so I thought I won,” Tinner said. “I was too excited that it was finally over because I was exhausted and wanted it to be over quickly. After the match was over, I desperately needed a break, so retrieving my racket from the ground gave me some time to rest. I was able to do that, so I threw my racket.”

Tan said mental strength was key to coming out on top in a “monumental” rally, which left Sakuramoto sprawled on the floor exhausted.

“We knew we were tired, but so was our opponent,” Tan said. “In my heart, I wanted to win that shot, so I’m really happy that I was able to mentally prepare myself and get the point.”

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This rally could be the longest in competitive play to date. At last year’s Korean Open, another women’s doubles match resulted in an exchange of 195 shots, which the World Badminton Federation announced at the time as a record.

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