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The Malaysian government announced on Friday that it has decided not to hold the 2026 Commonwealth Games due to cost, dealing a new blow to a program seen by some as outdated. Ta.

The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and follows Victoria’s withdrawal last year.

“The Ministry of Youth and Sport today announced the government’s decision not to accept the offer from the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games,” Minister Hannah Yeo said in a statement.

The CGF suffered a further blow after the Australian state of Victoria withdrew in July last year due to rising costs, and is now scrambling to find a venue.

With its back against the wall and a narrow window, the CGF has offered Malaysia and other potential hosts £100m to take part in the Olympics with just over two years left.

However, the Malaysian government said the proposal was “not expected to cover the entire cost of hosting a major sporting event”, Mr Yeo said.

“The government wants to focus not only on the development of sports, but also on the welfare and well-being of the people,” she added.

Victoria’s shocking actions and lack of a clear alternative have sparked debate over the future of the Olympics, which are held every four years and were last held in Birmingham in 2022.

The CGF this month praised Malaysia’s “fantastic achievements”, with the former British colony hosting the Olympics in 1998.

However, the CGF suggested that Malaysia was not the only country approached to host the Olympics.

Singapore said it was “assessing the feasibility” of the CGF’s proposal. The city-state also hosts the annual F1 night race and is scheduled to host the World Aquatics Championships in 2025.


The prospect of Malaysia bidding to host the Commonwealth Games has sparked debate.

Malaysian Commonwealth Games Association president Mohamad Norza Zakaria said this was a “once in a lifetime opportunity” that could put Malaysia back on the sporting map.

But questions arose last week after current and former officials expressed reluctance.

Former Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin has trolled the idea, calling it “reckless” as there is little time to plan with the Olympics looming.

He told AFP that any host would need at least four years to upgrade venues, plan sponsorships and develop infrastructure.

“The Commonwealth Games are not an important, high-profile sporting event,” he added.

“As far as multi-sport events go, it doesn’t even come close to the Olympics or even the Asian Games in terms of participation, exposure and revenue,” Kiley said.

(Information provided by AFP)

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