Housing transformation in Malaysia: Can a new social housing model solve the affordable housing crisis?

program residency Rakyat (PRR) offers Subsidy available Homes focused on sustainability and community

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Malaysia’s new public housing model, Program Residency Rakyat (PRR), is expected to bring about a major change in the country’s approach to affordable housing.according to Straits TimesHousing and Local Government Minister Nga Ko Myint outlined that the PRR aims to incorporate commercial viability, green space and community centers to create a more integrated, sustainable and livable environment for low-income households. did.

The construction cost of each PRR unit is set at RM300,000 (US$62,700), and such units will be sold to low-income groups at a significantly discounted price of RM60,000. This large subsidy is aimed at alleviating housing affordability challenges, with an additional RM10,000 to RM15,000 set aside as maintenance fund and sinking fund. However, to prevent abuse of this heavily subsidized model, the government suspended the sale of his PRR units for 10 years.

Additionally, the PRR program emphasizes sustainability through transit-oriented development and green buildings designed to be 30 percent more energy efficient compared to standard construction. Despite these efforts, Mr Nga pointed out that Malaysia’s public housing budget is much lower compared to other countries, stressing that increased funding is needed to meet the demands of a growing population.

PRR offers hope for affordable housing, but it is not without its challenges. Datuk Ar. 2020-2022 Chairman of the Malaysian Association of Architects (PAM) and Jury Chair of PropertyGuru Asia Awards Malaysia in partnership with iProperty.com.my, Mr. Ezmi Harzani Ismail said, “The government’s commitment to the PRR program is “We rely heavily on subsidies,” he said. It could place a significant burden on national budgets, limit the number of units available and reduce first-time homebuying opportunities. The scheme, which aims to alleviate the housing problem, requires a significant investment of RM300,000 per house, of which the government will contribute a staggering 75 per cent, or the equivalent of RM240,000. Pay the subsidy. ”

Mr. Esumi also emphasized that despite good intentions, the PRR program does not fully address the widespread housing shortage problem. The limited allocation of units means only a portion of those in need will benefit, and a more holistic approach is needed to tackle Malaysia’s housing problem. He also feels that the financial commitment allocated to the program diverts important funds from other pressing concerns such as education and health care.

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“In the big picture, the PRR program provides eligible households with a small opportunity to own a home at a fraction of the original price. However, we recognize that this system has inherent limitations. We cannot solve the housing shelter crisis alone, nor can we offer hope to everyone in need. Therefore, we must work together to address the multifaceted challenges of the housing environment. A comprehensive approach that considers solutions is essential.”

The local winner is 18th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final 2023 Highlights Malaysia’s progress in promoting inclusive and diverse housing options. The Best Affordable Homes Developer (Asia) award won by Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) reflects the industry’s commitment to developing cost-effective housing. Other notable awards in this field include Best Housing/Land Development (Asia) for Sime Darby Property’s Ilham Residence, Best Township Master Plan Design (Asia) for Eastern & Oriental Berhad’s Andaman, and Eupe Corporation Includes Best Condominium Interior Design (Asia) by Est8 @ Berhad. Septe.

Meanwhile, global real estate consultancy JLL reported that it remains optimistic about the Malaysian market. Sun. Yulia Nikulicheva, head of research and consultancy at JLL Malaysia, noted that the first quarter of 2024 could see some notable deals by domestic and international investors. JLL’s Asia-Pacific capital markets CEO Stuart Crow said that while debt costs remain high, a potential rate cut in 2024 could change investor sentiment and lead to sector diversification. said.

When it comes to rental increases in Malaysia’s major cities, rapid growth and urbanization has increased rental prices, impacting residents’ overall cost of living. Ezumi said this trend comes as low-income households suffer from high rents and often have to downsize their homes, commute from far-flung suburbs, or share living space. points out that this could lead to widening socio-economic disparities.

He added: “As cities continue to evolve and grow, it is imperative for architects, policy makers and urban planners to address the challenge of housing affordability. Innovative solutions such as live-and-work mixed-component developments can improve housing affordability by eliminating the need for two parking spaces per unit. The price will be reduced by RM60,000 to RM120,000 per unit, and the burden of owning a car will be reduced for residents.

In addition, mixed-income housing developments, incorporating affordable housing mandates and creating incentives for developers to provide affordable rental options, can also help reduce the impact on the cost of living. Helpful. By promoting inclusive and diverse housing options, cities can strive to maintain a balanced socio-economic structure, ensuring that all residents, regardless of income level, find these vibrant urban centers their home. We can provide opportunities for low-income people to earn a living. Stay and work in these areas. ”

Overall, Malaysia’s housing sector is undergoing significant changes with initiatives like PRR aimed at creating more affordable and sustainable housing options. However, challenges remain, and a prudent approach to policy, planning and investment is critical to ensure these efforts meet the country’s broader housing needs beyond 2024.

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