Breaking away from “temple thinking”

what you say | “Majority racial conservatism due to the conflation of religion and politics.”

KK Mart, political opportunism and Malaysia’s ‘dark ages’

seriously: I wish more leaders thought like Professor Tajuddin Rasdi.

Sadly, given everything we can see right now, this country is on a path to self-destruction. I had been an ardent supporter of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim since the dark ages and thought he could somehow bring about change.

However, he had a disappointing result. How will Malaysia emerge from this challenge?

That is impossible because for decades, out of political expediency, our political establishment has conveniently used non-Malays as sacred tools to intimidate Malays into toeing the line.

In the process, they created a monster so big that there was no turning back.

Smart people who could contribute to the economy and nation-building have left the country in droves, and now low-skilled immigrants are filling the void they left behind.

Academics at UCSI University’s School of Architecture and Architectural Design aptly describe some people as follows:Templen People who act like cockroaches living under a coconut shell.

The harm our politicians have inflicted on our people will last for generations, if that were even possible.

Apanama is back: The root cause of the problems our country faces now and in the future lies in the conservatism of the majority, which is caused by the confusion of religion and politics.

If Malaysia had remained firmly secular from its inception, we would not have entered this “darkest moment” that Tajudin describes.

Malaysia is a good example of what happens and what happens when a society gradually moves towards the far right over several decades.

With demographic changes and the conservatism of our society, the future is bleak. Politicians in this country will never stop mixing religion and politics.

They can continue and get worse. Look at the current government, which emphasizes Islamization policies. The latest is Jakim’s 24-hour hotline.

Tajuddin is kind when he says, “Someone is using religion as a weapon.”

Politicians on both sides of the divide are using religion as a weapon.

Mr Anwar is trying hard to outperform his mentor-turned-enemy, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and his rival PAS.

Folks, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We must live with this dark future. Either adapt or pack your bags.

Blue Panther 4725: Our politicians still use race and religion as weapons to divide our people and control our country.

They keep our education levels low and ensure that people, especially young people, are unable to think for themselves and continue to believe their lies.

We cannot rely solely on religious teachers to enlighten Malays and Muslims.

The key is education and if young people do not have access to quality education in schools, they need to improve and expand their minds by reading good books and learning from educational platforms.

we have to help ourselves.

Kilimanjaro: I also agree with the professor’s opinion. This country is beyond repair. If religion is politicized anytime and anywhere, the country will be ruined.

Malays playing against non-Malays may seem good on the surface, but it ends up destroying the race from within. Non-Muslims cannot continue to live in a hostile environment.

What is not talked about is the trauma and psychological impact it has on non-Muslim children.

Lamborghini: A much-needed voice from wise, tolerant, sensible and courageous Muslims.

Thank you Tajuddin for sharing information and speaking up without fear or favoritism. May your tribe and influence grow.

You are a breath of fresh air in a toxic and narrow-minded political climate created by opportunistic politicians and bigoted religious extremists.

Determined Sarawakians: Haris Iskander and comedian and scholar Tajuddin discuss Islam, KK Mart, boycotts, and colorful characters.

They presented the most wonderful, entertaining, yet authoritative knowledge of a simple understanding of the faith.

If we could have more of these discussions on live podcasts on YouTube, it would lead believers and non-believers to discuss, discuss, and discuss informally.

Yellow Deer 7605: Everyone except the Madani government can see the writing on the wall. They can’t see it or they don’t want to see it.

It is possible to recover from this situation, but it requires a lot of effort. We must also be prepared to cut off politicians and religious figures who confuse politics and religion.

Second, educating the public requires the right mix of communication channels. It is a time consuming but necessary process.

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