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</p> <p> Thinking Global Podcast – Dean Vletic

In this week’s Thinking Global podcast, Dean Vuletic (University of Luxembourg) talks to the Thinking Global team about the Eurovision Song Contest and international politics. Dr. Vletik chats with Kieran (⁠⁠⁠@kieranjomeara⁠⁠⁠) and Victoria (@vic_hhberg) The history of the Eurovision Song Contest, the important socio-political geography surrounding the contest and how the contest itself becomes a forum for international political debate – all at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 11th・This is the content for the May 2024 in Malmö, Sweden.

Dean Vretic (University of Luxembourg) is the world’s leading academic authority on the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. He is also the lecturer of the world’s first university course on Eurovision. He began teaching this course at New York University and has since taught it at the University of Vienna and Charles University in Prague. Nicknamed ‘Professor Song Contest’, Dean is a prominent Eurovision commentator in the international media. His commentaries, interviews, and editorials have been published in many media outlets.he is the author of Postwar Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest (Bloomsbury, 2019), Eurovision Song Contest: Una Storia Europea Co-editor of (Minimum FAX, 2022) The Eurovision Song Contest as a cultural phenomenon: from the concert hall to the academic arena (Routledge, 2022).

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