Solve your own problems, netizens tell minister after Taliban comments

Social media users criticized Education Minister Fadlina Sidek for urging the Afghan Taliban to reopen higher education to women, saying the PKR women’s chief should be rational in responding to the issue.

They also reminded Ms Fadlina not to forget the weaknesses in Malaysia’s own education system.

Earlier this week, the Taliban banned women from entering universities, sparking outrage worldwide, including in Islamic countries.

Fadlina said the move would only widen the competitive gap and affect economic and social status.

However, social media users argued that she should focus on education-related issues in her country before turning her attention to other countries.

“There is no need to interfere in other countries,” Facebook user Ghazali Mukhtar said in the comments section of the news portal’s account.

“Please solve our country’s problems. You don’t seem to have any concrete ideas.”

Facebook user Mohd Fawzi Mohd Sharif added: “What a long time to talk about the Taliban.”

Meanwhile, Yuzaidi Yusof said Fadlina owed him her service.

“Prove your mettle,” he said. “Don’t hide your late father’s accomplishments.”

Fadlina is the daughter of former leader of Angkatan Beria Islami Malaysia, Siddiq Fazil.

On social media, some called on Fadlina to focus on the education of Malaysian women.

Dany Iskandar said: “Why are you talking about the Taliban? Do you know how many girls in Malaysia are unable to get an education because school fees are too high? And many others… but cannot read or write,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ismail Mohd questioned the point of Fadlina’s statement and asked whether Afghan Taliban leaders read it.

“Do the Taliban read the news?” he said.

“I hope the Taliban will listen to her and obey her,” Ramzuk Hanif added.

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