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Explore the safe and secure real estate investment opportunities offered by Aboitiz Land in the thriving real estate market of Cebu as well as Central and Southern Luzon. This invitation is your gateway to investing in a brighter future.How to discover investment opportunities .

Aboitiz Land

Following its successful expansion into the Middle East, Aboitiz Land will support the economic well-being of overseas Filipinos by expanding its real estate investments to Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia, from April 16 to 30, 2024 We are reaffirming this commitment.

Reaching new heights in real estate for overseas Filipinos

Investing in real estate is of great significance to many overseas Filipinos, symbolizing their longing for connection to their homeland despite geographical distance. It means more than just property ownership. It embodies a tangible connection to their roots and provides a potential haven where dreams can be nurtured. Driven by the desire to own a home, they turn the difficulties of living abroad into a journey towards a safe and comfortable space where they can enjoy the rewards of hard work.

Aboitiz Land’s Investor Forum to be held at Holiday Inn Singapore, Orchard City Center on April 27, 2024 will provide valuable insight into Philippine real estate investment opportunities and inspire attendees Special benefits and perks will be provided. Following the Southeast Asia tour, Aboitiz Land has additional investor forum events scheduled in Europe, including Italy in June and London in July. Meanwhile, Aboitiz Land will also work closely with the Filipino community in the United States in October.

As part of the celebration of both culture and investment prospects, the developer will take part in the London Barrio Fiesta, which will be held at Apps Court Farm Hurst Road, Walton-on-Thames, London on 21 July 2024. The festival features entertainment from famous Kapamilya stars such as Piolo Pascual and Martin Nievera, and offers a glimpse into the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage.

OneVecino by Aboitiz Land: Make home buying convenient, safe and secure

Aboitiz Land

through One VecinoAboitiz Land makes investing in a home easier for overseas Filipinos by digitizing home buying from property search to property management.

Aboitiz Land introduces OneVecino, an innovative digital ecosystem that revolutionizes the entire home ownership process for overseas Filipinos, from the initial property search to ongoing management. With an intuitive interface, OneVecino makes it easy to explore virtual real estate and allows users to make informed decisions. This gives users peace of mind and allows them to carefully monitor their investments. OneVecino ensures overseas Filipinos have the information and confidence they need during the homebuying process, offering convenience, transparency, and security.

Aboitiz Land provides overseas Filipinos looking for safe and profitable investments with beach condominiums called Seafront Villas at Seafront Residences in San Juan, Batangas, and The Stride at Lima in Lipa, Batangas. We offer the best opportunities. With high potential for rental income and resale value appreciation, we cater to investors looking to diversify their portfolios while securing long-term returns.

Aboitiz Land also serves the village of Lipa, Batangas, the Ajoya community in Central Luzon, as well as notable projects in Cebu such as Amoa in Compostela and Foresa Mountain Town in Balamban. These projects combine high quality of life with innovative design and promise a remarkable return on investment.

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