Harmony between modern development and culture – Chairman of the Senate of the Malaysian Parliament

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 2nd. Malaysian Parliament Senate President Datuk Mutan Tagal said the trend report will create harmony between modern development and culture.

He made this remark during a panel discussion on “The Role of Law and Best Practices in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage” within the framework of the 6th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku.

The official said society plays a major role in the preservation and protection of cultural heritage.

“The preservation of cultural heritage is an important issue that is our sacred duty. Cultural heritage is a symbol of our wealth.

Local communities are actively participating in this area. Malaysia has prioritized international cooperation in this area and is cooperating with international organizations. There are historical cities in Malaysia. We also work closely with UNESCO. Malaysia has made significant efforts to preserve its cultural heritage,” Mr Tagal stressed.

Notably, the second day of the 6th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue is being held in Baku.

The forum, themed “Dialogue for Peace and World Security: Cooperation and Interconnectivity”, will gather a total of 700 guests from all over the world.

Among the diverse participants from over 100 countries, ministers and representatives of ministries of culture from 60 countries and 28 international organizations will be present. The agenda includes his 10 panel discussions and his 4 plenary sessions.

This important event, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, is a collaboration with respected international organizations such as the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), UNESCO, ICESCO and the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

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