Coldplay’s Malaysia concert to go ahead after ‘kill switch’ warning from authorities


British band Coldplay held their first concert in Malaysia after being warned of a “kill switch” that would halt their activities in the event of an “undesirable incident”.

what happened: 2 hours concertIt was held at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil as part of the band’s ‘The Music of the Spheres World Tour’. kuala lumpur, on wednesday.Any amount 75,000 fans He is reported to have attended.

coldplay They performed 26 songs, including hit songs “Higher Power,” “My Universe,” and “Humankind.” Frontman Chris Martin improvised a two-minute song that included: Malaysian It rained at the venue heavy rain That night.

About “Kill Switch”: According to Malaysian authorities warned Before the band took the stage, they were told that a “kill switch” would interrupt the performance if an “undesirable event” occurred. The warning came after conservative Muslims in the country opposed the country’s pro-Islam stance. LGBTQ+ To contribute to the local community and prevent incidents from happening again 1975 In July.

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Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fazil confirmed that he had discussed the “kill switch” with organizers in advance, but said he did not anticipate any problems.

Support for Palestine: Earlier this week, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said: Admitted Coldplay’s support for Palestine.

“Because there are lobbyists for the Palestinian movement, and they support the Foreign Secretary and make their views known, and my office says, why should we stop the work of organizations that support the Palestinian cause? The Prime Minister said of the concert in Parliament on Tuesday.

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Martin, Palestine, Israel, ukraine and Russia— During band activities concert in tokyo Early this month.

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